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Commercial Greenhouse Accesories - Roll-A-Roof

Simultaneous operation of both sides of roof. Patent pending by Jaderloon, developed under joint agreement by Jaderloon and Agra Tech.

Key Benefits:

  • Best opening roof system on market
  • Operation on arched roofs from 20' to 35' in width. Available in 12' increments
  • Roll A roof ™ is installed on an arched greenhouse frame. Customer is not locked into a design made solely for retractable roof. The flexibility exists to use greenhouse in a conventional way as market may force a change in crop or growing methods in the future.
  • Poly Covering is huge advantage. Roll A roof™ uses poly vs. fabric. If good light transmission is necessary for crop, customer may not be able to grow using a retractable roof, which can be like growing under a shade house.
  • Greenhouse frames are sturdier than most retractable frames and so can meet building codes.
  • Greenhouse frames have gutters for roof access.
  • Greenhouse has plant-hanging capacity. Retractable roof frames usually require a separate infra-structure to support crop.
  • Arch sheds rain and snow better.
  • Arch roof has a greater air mass for more stable environment.
  • Better seal for winter heat retention.
  • Roll A roof ™ has less maintenance issues than most other retractable roofs

Roll-A-Roof ™ Brochure

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