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Radiant Heaters

Notes on Radiant heating:

Radiant heat “travels from the hot tubes at the speed of light and warms the crop surfaces directly without having to heat the air in between. The absorbed radiant heat keeps the crop surface temperatures above the air temperature on the crop zone. Therefore the moisture always present in greenhouse air cannot condense out on the crop surfaces.

This [reduces] Botrytis and moisture related diseases. Quality of the crops is improved with minimum crop losses due to stem rot, root rot, etc.” 1

There are many advantages to a properly engineered and installed Infra-Red heating system.

We provide them for greenhouses, shipping buildings, and work spaces. These gas-fired systems work like the sun delivering radiant heating energy from above, heating objects first rather than the air mass. 2

In growing areas, growers report experiencing:

  • Lower fuel usage
  • Reduced fungicide use as botrytis and other mold and mildew problems are reduced
  • Improved quality

In shipping and labor areas benefits include:

  • Floors, people, and equipment are heated directly without the need to heat the entire air volume.
  • The system is not affected by drafts or frequently opened doors.
  • Zone heat where you need it, rather than heating an entire building. 2

We at Agra Tech carry Infrared Radiant Heaters from the following companies:

  • Radiant-Aire®, Trueleaf® Technologies, and Sterling.

1 Don Amo, Radiant-Aire
2 Trueleaf® Technologies

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