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Commercial Greenhouse Accessories - Door

Hinged doors are available in Consumer Grade or Light Commercial Grade. Panel is steel clad and pressure injected with 2.2 pounds of polyurethane foam per sq ft (R12 insulation value). Master frames are shipped completely assembled with 3 steel hinges and door attached.

They are pre-hung 4-way universal swing and come ready to install with jambs, headers, lock sets, weather stripping and trim package. Door is painted with white, baked on polyester coating for a durable and long lasting appearance. Sill is 1/2" low profile and complies with ADA handicap accessible guidelines. Options include windows & closers.

Sliding doors can be ordered as inside sliding (to avoid exhaust fans) or outside sliding. Sliding doors are covered with siding in the field. Door rollers and tracks are heavy duty galvanized steel to last through many years of hard use. Available in 4' to 12' widths and standard height of 7'-4". Taller doors are available.

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