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Insulator 27's in Central California

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Product Description:
The Insulator Greenhouse is a Gutter Connected, Commercial Structure available as Code or Non-Code structures.  This house provides quality, strength and ease of construction with natural ventilation. The Insulator Greenhouse performs well in all climates from Alaska to Mexico and beyond.

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Key Benefits

  • Gutter Connected Widths of 18', 21', 24', 27', 30', & 35'.
  • All Galvanized Steel bolt-together frame.
  • All Arches are 6' on-center. Six foot arch spacing is the optimum for poly roof to prevent rain and wind pockets.
  • The 35, 30, 27, 24, and 18 25/90 have 2 3/8" arches, the 21 20/90 has 1 7/8" arches, and the 21 (10/70 & NC) and 18 (10/70 & NC) have 1 5/8" arches.  (NC = Non-Code)
  • Heavy Duty Commercial grade Gutters of (10 and 12 gauge) at side and mid columns. The gutters are 11" wide and 6" deep.
  • 3 runs of condensate purlins are standard on all Insulator houses. Condensate gathering purlins are a strong "Z" design and protect plants from condensate drip.
  • 4" diameter or 4" square sidewall columns 12' on center are standard. 2 3/8" or 2 7/8" interior columns 12' on center are standard. Wide spans and heavy loads may use 6' on center interior columns.
  • Uniform Building Codes of 10/70 & 20/90 "B" are standard. Higher loads and "C" wind exposures are also available on some widths. Call for availability.
  • All these houses are available as the non code version, the Insulator-NC.

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