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Zalinda Farms got an Insulator greenhouse for a wholesale premium plant nursery in Pala

Zalinda Farms | Pala, CA (Greenhouses)


Zalinda Farms


Pala, CA


Replace old low-eave wooden greenhouses with a brand new facility organized to minimize labor.


Crop: Variety of baskets and planters with poinsettias in the fall.

Sixty Insulator 30 greenhouses x 120' long x 10' eave. Thirty are arrayed on each side of a central 600' Solar Light head house. Roof vents with roll up sidewalls provide natural ventilation. Interior shade curtain with open weave fabric helps to keep the house cool.

Agra Tech provided a new greenhouse that replaced older low eave wood structures in Escondido, CA. The innovative layout with the head house between the growing areas provides a sheltered and central location to move crop in and out of the facility.

Customer had to make the transition from growing in the humid, mild coastal climate to the hot, dry inland climate.