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Ball Flora Plant integrating positive pressure cooling with Agra Tech Energy curtains

Ball Flora Plant | West Chicago, IL (Accesories)


Ball Flora Plant


West Chicago, IL


Greenhouses with Positive Pressure cooling to reduce insect intrusion.


Crop: Ball Flora Plant is a leading brand of vegetatively propagated plant varieties.

Positive pressure cooling integrating Agra Tech Energy curtains and roof vents to maintain adequate static pressure inside the greenhouses to significantly reduce insect intrusion and cool the crop. Proportional control of the cooling and static pressure is provided by Argus Controls. Built in 2001.

By reducing insects, the crop requires fewer pesticides. Positive pressure and good air movement improves crop transpiration.

Pat Coleman worked with the former president of AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) to work out details of the positive pressure system. Coleman and Agra Tech personnel have more experience designing and providing positive pressure greenhouse cooling systems than any other greenhouse manufacturer.