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Adam Pound

Adam Pound | Agra Tech Inc

Adam Pound | Commercial Greenhouse Manufacturer

Director of Sales


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I am a father and outdoorsman.

I am the Director of Sales for Agra Tech greenhouse manufacturer based in the San Francisco bay area.

As the third generation of Agra Tech ownership, we have successful commercial projects throughout the US and Western Hemisphere.

We specialize in the transition from small to medium/large sized facilities with emphasis on environmental controls, labor efficiencies and energy management.

I am highly involved in greenhouse project design and implementation focusing on at scale production, and research and development greenhouse systems. My main focus is meeting the customer’s objective and budget while providing a structure and system with the most efficient use of labor.

I know that your greenhouse investment may be the biggest of your life and no matter how large or small it is a tool you’ll rely on to make your growing venture successful for the long haul.

I am a board member of the NGMA and also sit on the structures committee.

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