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Dr. Matthew Stong Sets Greenhouse Growers for Success

Dr. Matthew Stong Sets Greenhouse Growers for Success | Agra Tech

When greenhouse farmers require some much-needed help and sage advice, they call a doctor. But he’s not a medical doctor—he’s an agricultural doctor and one of the leading experts on the subject of indoor farming in the world today. By working with greenhouse growers all over the world, Dr. Matthew Stong, Ph.D., is making the planet a healthier place to live, by teaching indoor farmers the importance of organic, sustainable and environmentally-conscious growing techniques. He is the Chief Science Officer at EcoFarms International in Redwood City, CA, a global facilitator of sustainable organic agriculture. Over the years, Dr. Stong has developed a mutually beneficial business relationship with Agra Tech, Inc., in Pittsburg, CA, a company that manufactures commercial greenhouses and provides affordable solutions to Dr. Stong and his greenhouse clients.

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