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Commercial Greenhouse Accessories - Cooling Pad Mounts

Agra Tech cooling pad mounts are designed for Agra Tech greenhouses with the pad system mounting to the inside of the greenhouse. Cooling pad mounts include strong, wide, steel stringers that slip mount to the greenhouse columns.

The stringers are wide enough to span between the cooling pads and the exterior pad vent or wall glazing. The slip mount connection facilitates field adjustment of height and slope of the system. All trims and closures are included.

Specify cooling system manufacturer, height, and location on the greenhouse


Request Mounts for the ACME CSEG or CAEG, or the PDG system. 

The Cooling pad mounts must end at a column even if the pads are shorter. For example a 30’ wide greenhouse house may have a 25’ pad system but the mount kit must be bought for the full 30’.

Download Installation Instruction