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Commercial Greenhouse Structures

Manufacturer of quality commercial greenhouses and accessories as well as a distributor of the best available equipment for Commercial horticultural and agricultural growers, Retail nurseries, Research and Education facilities.

Agra Tech has you (and your crop) covered. A 45 year old company, we specialize in quality commercial greenhouses offering the broadest possible spectrum of model and function. We have greenhouses in all 50 United States and in many international locations. Come see why our customers rate us as one of the best greenhouse manufacturers.

Give us your specifications and we will give you a bid you can compare to anyone. Be sure to compare both the product and price for the best value!

Our structures

Solar Light

Commercial Greenhouse Solar Light | Agra Tech


Commercial Greenhouse Sawtooth | Agra Tech


Commercial Greenhouse Insulator | Agra Tech


Commercial Greenhouse Continental | Agra Tech

North Slope

Commercial Greenhouse North Slope | Agra Tech


Commercial Greenhouse Thermolator | Agra Tech

Cold Frame

Commercial Greenhouse Cold Frame | Agra Tech

Shade House

Commercial Greenhouse Shade House | Agra Tech

Retractable Shade House

Commercial Greenhouse Retractable Shade House | Agra Tech