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Ag-Con Greenhouse Construction is the factory authorized contractor for Agra Tech Greenhouse Manufacturers.

Experience Counts When Using Specialty Parts. Greenhouse parts are specialty parts, and we're going to be so much faster than another contractor who's unfamiliar with them. While other construction companies have come and gone over the years - and there have been many - we've been here consistently delivering top-quality construction and repair services to satisfied customers throughout California.

In fact, our three main field foreman have been with Ag-Con for about 15 years. It's that kind of longevity and industry knowledge that has kept Ag-Con clearly at the head of the pack when it comes to greenhouse construction and repair projects of any size - from the simple ones to the biggest to the most complex.

Ag-Con is fully licensed and insured. CA contractors license # 750769

Ag-Con Services:

  • Turnkey construction projects
  • Consulting
  • Supervisors to work with your crew
  • Greenhouse renovation and reglazing
  • Ag-Con specializes in installing bench systems, curtain systems, shade houses, and hot water bench heating systems including micro tube, slab heat, bed loop type heat.

We are available for everything form column sets to full turnkey construction projects.

Our supervisors can be made available to assist owner-builders using the owner's crew.

We have multiple crews available to deliver the fastest possible service!

Call for a quote today and let us show you how we can complete your project with speed, a minimum of business disruption, and often at a lower cost than inexperienced owner construction.

Ag-Con Construction, Inc.
580 Harrison Street
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 279-9922 phone
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A conversation with Ray Pound, Owner

Ag-Con Construction, Inc. | Agra Tech Authorized Contractor