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Shade Curtains

Shade curtains play an important role in greenhouse cooling. On a bright sunny summer day, a 30’ x 100’ greenhouse will gain up to 32 million BTU of heat due to solar gain. (Solar gain is sunlight that gets converted to heat.)  Shade fabric with aluminum strips reflect excess light up away from the plants. The fan and pad cooling system will not need to be turned on as soon and will run for less time with a shade curtain.

Moveable curtain systems are an important component in controlling the greenhouse environment as they also act as a thermal blanket to save on heating costs and allow only the desired amount of light to reach the plants. (Less than 10% of light is used in photosynthesis. Excess light can cause direct damage plants as well as dangerously overheating them).

Agra Tech offers the Energy Shield curtain system. Find out more by clicking here