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Quality Commercial Greenhouses

Manufacturer of quality greenhouses and accessories as well as a distributor of the best available equipment for commercial, horticultural, and agricultural growers, retail nurseries, research and education facilities.

Agra Tech has had you (and your crop) covered for over 45 years. We specialize in quality commercial greenhouses and offer the broadest possible spectrum of model and function. We have greenhouses in all 50 United States and in many international locations. Come see why our customers rate us as one of the best greenhouse manufacturers.

Our Mission

To provide state of the art growing environments to help the plant perform the best it possibly can. To earn trust by listening to our customers, delivering on time and on budget, and by being reliable over time.

We are located in Pittsburg, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) with easy access to shipping by Land, Rail, or Ocean

Agra Tech 50 years anniversary | Commercial Greenhouse Manufacturer

PlantCentric Design

What do we mean by PlantCentric?

PlantCentrics is how we at Agra Tech create a greenhouse system that works for you. It simply means that the greenhouse’s functionality is designed around the plant. What does the plant need to thrive? How do the plant’s requirements change? How does the plant move efficiently in and out of the space?

We design the greenhouse and environmental equipment around the benches and the benches around the plant’s needs.

PlantCentric is also GrowerCentric.

It’s about the plant AND your growing technique and business plan. It can be traditional hands-on or highly automated. Shipping, receiving, and processing are taken into consideration. All this is taken into account so that you end up with the best performing greenhouse system possible. 

PlantCentric Design

What We Offer

Our Latest News

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Controlled Environment Greenhouse
Greenhouse Structure

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Greenhouse Structure
Insect Exclusion

Our Projects

International Fruit Genetics

FruitWorks / The IFG Discovery Center: Three new Greenhouse ranges on 160 acres creating a state-of-the-art Research Campus to develop new flavorful fruit varieties.

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120,000 sq ft expansion increases production, adds efficiency, and saves labor for Dave Wilson NSY

Part one and two of a three phase expansion including a center Solar Light 48 headhouse with ranges of Solar Light 42 x 204' growing houses attached. With mobile benching, Water booms, Curtains, Evaporative Cooling, Trueleaf under bench heating, Environmental controls, and Insect Screening, this project has it all.

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Solar Light greenhouse with Natural Ventilation for TAC Industries

Town & Country Farms was formed to create sustainable and meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. We are committed to locally growing superior quality produce which is always fresh, clean and handled in a safe manner.

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