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Modine Unit heaters

Advantages of vented gas fired unit heaters

  • Short heat recovery time reduces temperature fluctuations, promoting a natural growing environment.
  • Provides air circulation to reduce dead spots in the greenhouse, reducing high moisture areas that promote mold growth.
  • By installing multiple heaters within the greenhouse you build in redundancy. If one unit would happen to go down, you still have others to maintain freeze protection which could save the entire crop.
  • Versatility allows air to blow from the top of the greenhouse or through ducts.
  • Fan only operation may be used to circulate air in the warmer growing periods.
  • Heaters are indirect fired, allowing all combustion products to be vented to the exterior of the greenhouse. Some plants are particularly sensitive to toxins found in the products of combustion.
  • By using a fan to move the air, the heaters provide even heat throughout the entire greenhouse.
  • Modine gas-fired unit heaters maintain a minimum 80% efficiency.

Separated Combustion Gas-Fired Unit-Heaters

Claims from Modine include:

  • Fuel savings
  • Extend the life of your investment
  • Healthier Plant Growth with Gentle Air Circulation
  • Even Temperatures for Uniform Growth
  • Safer Environment for Plant Growth
  • Rapid Response to Temperature Variations

The Modine PTS/BTS line vents outside the greenhouse, where it also gets its combustion air, allowing you to keep your greenhouse tight and keep those wasted energy dollars for yourself.

Keep corrosive chemicals outside of the combustion chamber; the new PTS/BTS separated combustion product line draws clean combustion air from outside the greenhouse. When combined with an optional stainless steel heat exchanger, you can add years on to your investment.

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