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World class resort on the Caribbean Island of Anguilla using Agra Tech Solar Light Greenhouses

CuisinArt Resort & Spa | Island of Anguilla, BWI (Greenhouses)


CuisinArt Resort & Spa


Island of Anguilla, BWI


Provide fresh high quality produce for the resort's restaurant.


Crop: Leafy greens, herbs, and vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers

1,800 square ft. of Solar Light 30 greenhouse covered with twinwalled polycarbonate. Control system with weather station that monitors outside conditions as well as inside, and controls humidity, cooling, and shade curtain.

In the late 90's, when CuisinArt built their world class resort on the Caribbean Island of Anguilla, they also bought an Agra Tech greenhouse.

CuisinArt wanted the freshest ingredients for their guests. But since Anguilla has little arable land and no source of fresh water (sea water must be desalinated), everything would need to be imported from North America or Europe, compromising their goal. So they incorporated a greenhouse into the plan. 

Due to its location and proximity to the resort, the greenhouse needed to be built to withstand hurricane force winds of 110 mph. This was quite a challenge for the Agra Tech engineers and everything, including the vents and cooling pad systems, had to be beefed up. Over the years, this engineering has been tested and proven more than once. 

Dr Howard Resh, hydroponic guru and author of several books on hydroponic systems, worked with the resort to develop a hydroponic farm within the greenhouse. Hydroponics sounds like it uses a lot of water, but actually the opposite is true because the water is recycled and the drainage water is eventually used to water the outside gardens. 

The greenhouse environment is carefully controlled by use of shade curtains as well as fan and pad cooling systems. 

Currently, CuisinArt offers greenhouse tours 3 times a week given by Dr. Howard Resh himself. You can check out Dr Resh’s website, to purchase his books and for more information on hydroponics.