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Solar Light greenhouse with Natural Ventilation for TAC Industries

TAC Industries | Springfield, OH (Greenhouses)


TAC Industries


Springfield, OH


Town & Country Farms was formed to create sustainable and meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. We are committed to locally growing superior quality produce which is always fresh, clean and handled in a safe manner.


Crop: High quality specialty crops - fancy lettuces and culinary herbs - are grown in a controlled environment greenhouse using the most recent technology in soilless, or hydroponic, growing systems.

Agra Tech provided a Solar Light 36' wide x 84' long greenhouse (3024 sq. ft.) with Natural Ventilation, Energy Curtain, Evaporative Cooling system, and Insect exclusion accessories.

TAC Enterprises – Springfield, OH – October 27, 2011. The Agra Tech, Inc. greenhouse project with TAC Enterprises is one of the true feel good projects we get involved in that helps people and a community. TAC employs Springfield area people with disabilities to manufacture and now grow various products. Dave Faulkner and Steve Berner, Communications and Business Development managers, developed the greenhouse project as a new employment opportunity for their clients. During our first meeting a large scale project was considered, but as the concept was further explored TAC management asked the men to consider a smaller pilot project. TAC investigated two smaller pilot projects in other states to provide further information on the viability of the project. As I spoke with Dave and Steve we began to reduce scope of project to one Agra Tech, Inc. Solar Light model greenhouse that could be readily expanded, as volume needs increased. Working with Eric Christian of American Hydroponics the project evolved into a 36’ wide x 72’ long x 12’ eave greenhouse glazed with 8mm twin wall polycarbonate. To further test the concept TAC Enterprises purchased a small growing system from American Hydroponics using grow lights indoors. Dave and TAC staff selected several employees to determine the viability of project and what training methods could be used to assist individuals to operate the hydroponic system. As a result of the test, “Town & Country Farms” was able to secure a supply contract with the local city school district to provide 400 pounds of romaine lettuce weekly for school lunches for over 6,000 children. This contract provided the final incentive for TAC Enterprises Board of Directors to give final OK of greenhouse project. By this time Dave Faulkner had been designated the project head. Not only did Dave have communications knowledge and skills, but he also has degrees in agriculture. Construction was completed in timely manner by a local contracting firm, Link Construction, and the completed greenhouse and hydroponic system are now in operation. This is truly a win-win-win project for TAC Enterprises, Springfield City Schools and Agra Tech, Inc. C Patrick (Pat) Coleman Project representative from Agra Tech